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We offer the finest types of automotive protective films and high-quality window films
Our designs ensure effective protection against scratches, UV rays, and safeguard your privacy.
Our products are durable and professionally designed to meet our customers' needs.
Protect your car and maintain its beautiful appearance with our high-quality films.
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Professional Upholstery

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Thermal Window Films

Is the original thermal tinting important for my car and how do I choose what suits me?

The feeling of high heat and glare that is harmful to the eyes is not the only reason, although it directly affects the driving experience:
Here are reasons why you should install thermal tinting for your car
Causing faster damage to cabin furniture, leather and decorations
Increased fuel consumption due to the need to increase adaptive power
The well-known harmful effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays on the skin

Paint protection films

The joy of owning a new car is a wonderful and unforgettable feeling! It may turn into a feeling of great frustration from the first scratch or damage to the car, God forbid

What affects your car's paint and appearance?
Here are the most important factors that affect your car's paint
- Gravel strikes while driving
– Unexpected scratches as a result of friction, light collision, or acts of vandalism
- Complete lack of shine due to exposure to sand during travel
- Fade of the gloss as a result of continuous exposure to sunlight and washing with non - designated materials and tools.
– Paint damage as a result of chemicals such as bird droppings and environmental factors

Professional Upholstery

Why professional upholstery from Solar Pro?
Our technicians have more than 17 years of experience in upholstering automobile and aircraft mattresses.
The finest materials for intense daily use with the best performance.
Customizing the color and shape corresponding to the agency or upon request.
Dedicated and advanced equipment for fully professional embroidery.
Service for changing the colors of interior decorations of the ceiling, floor or plastic parts.
A comprehensive warranty from Solar Pro on installation, detailing, and materials.

Advanced nano-ceramic protection

It consists of a liquid glass substance that hardens after being applied to the paint after being treated with Nano Polish from Solar:
- It gives the paint resistance to chemical and environmental factors that affect its shine.
- Provides ease of washing and fluid flow
- Reduces the adhesion of dirt on surfaces.

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